AlumierMD Skincare

Alumier MD is an ethically sourced and sustainable skincare range that uses only ingredients that proven to work in independent scientific studies.



Retinol is one of the most regenerative ingredient in anti-ageing skincare. Retinols stimulate collagen and elastin growth and resurface the skin’s texture. It is also a key ingredient for tackling pigmentation.

Alumier’s retinol products include a range of serums with different strengths of retinol alongside collagen-stimulating peptides.

matrixyl synthe’6

Matrixyl was first introduced to skincare by Alumier MD co-founder, Dr. Karl Linter. It is proven to stimulate collagen and elastin growth and fortifies the skin.

Alumier utilise the latest, most potent variation of this ingredient, Matrixyl Synthe’6 in a range of lotions and serums.


This skincare range contains high-performing anti-oxidants in a mineral-based selection of sun protection creams. Unlike chemical suncreens, mineral sunblocks do not deteriorate in sunlight or intense heat. This deterioration is harmful to the skin and makes it susceptible to sun damage. The mineral sunblocks stay on the skin.

It is available in a clear formula as well as in different skin tones.