Hair V Go


Hair V Go is a simple yet innovative alkaline solution to effectively treat, clear and reduce fine, downy vellus hair and has been specifically formulated to remove the so-called “peach-fuzz”.

Depending on the volume and density of vellus hair growth, you may need multiple treatments. The treatment is applied in 3-steps:

1. Hair V Go is applied to treatable area to break down keratin (the protein structure of vellus hair) into small peptides. This dissolves the hair deep inside the hair follicle.

2. Hair V Go is removed from the skin and a neutralizing product that restores the skin’s acid mantle.

3. A hair-growth retardation cream is applied to the treated area. This will slow down growth of any future hair growth. The Hair Growth Reduction Cream will be continued to be applied daily as part of a home treatment plan. The cream can also be used on other areas of the face and body regardless of the hair removal method (laser, shaving, waxing).