Body Therapies

Body Slimming/ Toning Treatments
Provides slimming and toning for the whole body. It exercises muscles (which contract and relax to build new muscle fibres) as well as stimulating fat dispersal and skin firming. Equivalent to 365 sit-ups.

20 min session x 10 treatments

Lymphatic Drainage
The Lymph module increases the flow of lymph fluid by gentle electrical stimulation. This module can be used alone to decrease puffiness and swelling. It can also be used with the Slim /Tone module to help rid the skin of the orange peel effect associated with cellulite while the Slim /Tone module disperses fat.

20 min session x 10 treatments

Back/ Shoulder Massage
Targets stiff and aching muscles caused by spasm, strain or poor posture.

30 min session

Pregnancy Massage
This massage helps to improve mobility and flexibility. As pregnancy develops, specific load bearing muscles around the hip, buttock and thigh areas are placed under additional strain. Although this is a normal and healthy sign, it can be painful. The aim of this massage is to relieve symptoms of discomfort by gently massaging the tension out of the muscles, thus aiding
relaxation and improving circulation. Extreme care is taken in selection of massage oils.

45 min session

G5 Vibro Massage
This is a strong mechanical massage. The different attachments allow treatment of tense, aching muscles, and improves lymphatic drainage and the breakdown of fatty acids.

30 min session

Sinus Treatment (Manual)
The air filled spaces within the bones of the face and the skull can become infected when the nose or throat are infected. Normal drainage channels become blocked and incubate infection. This treatment uses a combination of gentle elimination procedures of specific manual massage combined with essential oils and dietary advice.

1 hour session

Manual Lymph Drainage
Manual massage

1 hour session

Therapeutic Pedicure

 1 ½ – 2 hour session