Sothys Treatments

Resurfacing Treatment
This facial provides a gentle resurfacing to the skin tissue and prepares it for the absorption of the concentrated vitamin C ampoule which gives immediate luminosity,energy and radiance to the skin. Its benefit is that during the peel a gentle massage is performed to aid its effect.

1 hour 30 minutes session

Energising with Siberian Ginseng
This facial boosts energy and radiance to prepare the skin for a course of hydrating Intensive treatments and optimise the efficiency of personal home care treatments.

1 hour 30 minutes session

Hydrating with 1055 Boletus Extract 
This facial promotes hydration to give the skin plumpness and help soften fine lines through the active ingredient of 1055 Boletus extract to stimulate collagen synthesis.

1 hour 30 minutes session

Seasonal Facial
This facial is specifically adapted to treat the skin according to the seasonal changes and their effects on the skin; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

1 hour session

Eye Contour Treatment
Specialised ampoules and masks, together with an eye massage technique, soothes tired eyes, thus reducing puffiness and minimizing expression lines.

45 minute session