Sothys Skincare

Sothys of Paris has a long-standing reputation for pioneering moisturisers and anti-aging treatments. We stock a range of cleansers, moisturisers and specialist homecare treatment.



‘the root of youth’

Sothys developed the Energize-Illuminate protocol with Siberian Ginseng at the heart of its collection of creams, serums and clinical treatments.

Siberian Ginseng is a recognised adaptogenic and can adapt its actions to the skin’s needs.


The Youth range is an intensive protocol of serums. creams and clinic treatments that focus on common signs of aging caused by environmental factors.

The Youth Serums target wrinkles, slack skin, free radical damage and loss of contours.

The Youth Creams additionally promote radiance, restoration of elasticity and volume and pigmentation issues.


The Hydrate protocol is based around the moisture-enhancing 1055 boletus extract which stimulates hydration genes in the skin.


Lack of hydration is the prime cause of fine lines which, over time, can lead to deeper permanent lines. The Hydrate range remedies this with a regimen of serums, creams and masks.