The Retreat – Going forward

Alert, Controlled and Safe

The Government has now said that certain types of businesses can re-open. Mine is one of them!

So I’m am delighted to say that I’ve opened my appointment diary and will be taking bookings for 7th July 2020 onward. However, I will be open only for my existing clients and will not be available to treat new customers. When a more comprehensive model for testing and tracking has been developed by the government I will be able to reconsider taking on new clients. I trust you will appreciate and agree with my reason for adopting this strategy .

I would like to say a huge thank you to you all. You have been an enormous source of encouragement and support, especially through your purchases and have helped with my greatly depleted cashflow. I mention a particular instance by citing one client who offered to pay for her booked treatment even though it was unavailable due to the lockdown. I was left speechless and for those who know me that takes some doing! I can’t thank you enough for your generous support and encouragement.

When I reopen shortly you can be confident that I will continue to work to and maintain the highest standards of hygiene and of equipment sterilisation. It has been the foundation of my business to deliver the best possible standard of care to benefit the health of my clients in conducting treatments, use of products and the equipment in used in all the treatments offered.

I have used high quality masks and gloves for many number of years and will continue to do so when appropriate to the treatment.

As some of you may be aware I have discouraged and sometimes turned away clients, if they present with a communicable illness, for both the sake of my clients health, as well as my own. Needless to say I do not conduct treatments if I too am unwell and it is policy that has been operational since my business began.

A further example of my safe working practice is that I treat one client only at a time and bookings are made with a minimum of 15 minutes for clean-down and preparation between bookings. The issue of social distancing will, therefore, not be a problem.

I am confident that my clinic will continue to be one of the safest personal treatment establishments and I will be examining all relevant Government guidelines to ensure that I am compliant with any new hygiene practices.

I look forward to restarting The Retreat, welcoming you all back, treating you again and catching up with your news.

Please email me with the dates and times you’d like to book an appointment and I’ll confirm as quickly as I can.

Thank you all.